Quick Meal Tips: Modifying Recipes

Hello loyal readers!

This week, I’m back with another cooking tip! The Life-Skills Workshop coming up in October will be full of great tips from yours truly, but I know not everyone can come so I wanted to share something on our blog as well!

chopped-vegetablesOne of the hardest things about trying to eat healthy foods is how expensive some ingredients are. A lot of great recipes call for multiple budget-breaking items. It can be tricky to figure out what you can skip or replace to save money while still ending up with a tasty meal.

I usually rely on recipes without too many expensive ingredients. But sometimes I see a recipe I just have to try! Check out this recipe from Budget Bytes as a great example of how you can skip a few ingredients and still make something delicious. When my wife and I made this, we substituted olives for the artichoke hearts, and it came out really well!

This tip is not so much about the specific recipe. The lesson here is that you can still make delicious, interesting food with one or two moderately expensive ingredients and not bust your budget. The key is to pair these more expensive ingredients with cheap ingredients that go a long way (such as pasta, or rice).

We all know that we should eat healthier, and if you are limited in your budget and your time, it can be hard to avoid making unhealthy choices for food. For more tips about how to eat healthier on a budget, come to our Life-Skills Workshop at IHS on October 10th!

Until then, happy cooking!

Jackson Swearer
Small-Business Coordinator


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