Quick Meal Tips: Freezing Leftovers

Hello again!

I would like to share a way that my wife and I save some money! Have you ever been to the meat section in the grocery store and seen a bulk package of meat that is way cheaper per pound than a meal-size portion? I used to think I could never take advantage of those lower prices. Then I learned how to safely freeze the extra meat from a great website called Budget Bytes full of great budget-saving food tips from Beth! Check out her post about how to freeze leftovers here:

Freeze-Leftovers-CollageAnother similar idea is to buy other ingredients in bulk and make extra meals. That can save you time and money!

Remember, when buying meat you’ll want to be sure to check the price per pound, since the bulk package is not always cheaper.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this tip, and if you would like to see more budget saving food suggestions!

Jackson Swearer

CA$H Small Business Coordinator


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