Keep a “Healthy Budget”

When you hear the term “healthy” at times you might think of diet, exercise or the unhealthy donut you just ate this morning.  When you hear “healthy budget” you might think work more, not enough money or your addiction to the soda/coffee shop.  However, to maintain a “healthy budget” might be like nails on a chalkboard.  You sit there reading through your bills, debit transactions and your debt and easily become overwhelmed.

Getting a clear snapshot of your financial month will help you build your healthy budget.

I challenge you to:Healthy Budget

  • Track your spending for a month (debit and cash transactions)
  • Write down your every day bills (electricity etc.)
  • Write down your credit card debt, car loan payment, personal loan payment and any other loan or credit card payments you have acquired.
  • Write down how much you plan to SAVE each month
  • Be Realistic, Be Honest and Be Specific

Stay motivated by a calendar reminder and go over these 10 questions every month to analyze past financial decisions while focusing on future goals.


Lacy Stauffacher

Financial Capability Coordinator


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