Get Back To Grateful

the_first_thanksgiving_cph-3g04961-hIn searching for a topic for this week’s blog, I did a little research on the history of Thanksgiving. I am sure I heard this story in grade school, while making some “cutesy” Pilgrim and Indian arts and crafts, but as I read through the dates and details of what happened between September 1620 and November 1621, I was struck by the gravity of that first festival of thanks.

Of the 102 passengers that arrived on the shores of New England, only half survived the brutal winter. Those remaining had to learn to survive in an unfamiliar land with unknown resources. Thanks to the friendship and partnership of the Native Americans, the Pilgrims were able to reap a successful first harvest. The 3-day celebration that followed was an expression of deep appreciation for the kindness showed, the relationships formed, and the blessings granted.

gratefulPersonally, I feel this sense of gratitude is lost in today’s world… BUT I believe that what is lost can be found. We can look past differences and show each other kindness. We can see the humanity in others and rebuild relationships. We can love one another and reap the outpouring of blessings that results from it. We can be thankful for and with those around us as we move forward together and take on the “brutal winters” ahead.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving next week, I hope and pray that you take the words of this blog to heart. We all need to get back to grateful!


Until next time, keep calm and keep up with the CASH blog!  

Alicia Marsh

Alicia Marsh

Homeownership Coordinator 

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