Take Control Frequently Asked Questions


Creating Assets Saving & Hope
Take Control: Grow Your Financial Wellness


Who is eligible for this program?

Anyone is eligible, regardless of income. Individuals can sign up on their own, and businesses can set up training for their employees.

What should participants expect from financial capability training?

Financial Capability training can be tailored to any business or individual needs. The curriculum covers six different areas of financial knowledge.

  • Visioning- Setting financial goals and aligning financial behaviors and resources to reach goals
  • Maximizing Income- Maximizing sources of income to cover monthly expenses and save for the future
  • Spending- Tracking spending and making intentional spending decisions
  • Saving- Planning ahead and saving for the future
  • Borrowing- Selecting and using credit appropriately
  • Protecting- Having adequate asset and financial risk protection

What are the requirements for participants in this program?

Participants must attend a minimum of one Take Control seminar. The cost of attendance is $50 per person. This fee can sometimes be covered by a business or other funding, such as grants. Participants who attend a seminar are eligible for individual financial coaching sessions with Lacy Stauffacher, certified financial capability coordinator/coach, at no additional cost.